Consequences Of Smoking Marijuana: Does Weed Make You More Creative?

Consequences Of Smoking Marijuana

A fresh study on the consequences of smoking marijuana and its connection to imagination has some intriguing outcomes.

The analysis consisted of 412 bud users (they could not find 8?) And 309 non-users, plus they tried to answer this question: Why does smoking marijuana cause you more creative?

Emily LaFrance, the co-author of the analysis along with a graduate student at Washington State University, says she became interested in the subject when she discovered that many of her favorite musicians acknowledge they smoke bud.

“This cannabis usage was often believed to have been a reason for the creative achievement of several musicians,” she clarifies. “I started to wonder about this generally held thought — would be cannabis users actually more imaginative than non-users?”

Is the analysis known as “Inspired by Mary Jane? Mechanisms underlying enhanced imagination in cannabis consumers” and has been printed in Consciousness and Cognition.

It analyzed the participants from many different areas such as psychological evaluations and quantifying imaginative functions and accomplishments.

Some Significant points in the analysis include:

  • Cannabis consumers were far more inclined to be extroverted and receptive to new adventures.
  • Cannabis users reported greater degrees of artistic imagination, although not a greater volume of creative accomplishments or finished works.
  • Cannabis users performed on a convergent believing evaluation (which examines creative problem solving).
  • In general, they did discover that individuals using marijuana are more innovative than their counterparts who don’t utilize it if they dug they made a startling discovery.

When the scientists also added the character traits to the information they understood that these traits in there could find out if or not an individual is significantly more amenable to using marijuana, in addition, to induce a propensity to be imaginative.

“Cannabis consumers might be more inventive than non-users,” LaFrance says, “however that isn’t because with cannabis has improved their imagination.” She proceeds to describe that it is the simple fact that marijuana users “are somewhat more open to experience than non-users, which willingness to experience is connected with cannabis usage, and increased imagination.”

So there you have it if you smoke marijuana you are likely more imaginative than those who do not… but it is not always the marijuana that has got your imagination going. This was you!

Notice: This analysis was conducted with areas being meaning none of these were under the effect of marijuana throughout the evaluation.

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