This Uber Driver Almost Saved Himself From This Drunk Girl. Read This Funny Incident

We always prefer to take a taxi or cab to go home whenever we have plans for a party where we are sure to get drunk. Now at that moment of solitude we are with a complete stranger and we trust him to take us at our destination without letting us down. These guys usually drop us at our destinations but there are instances where they have taken advantage of the client and have done things they should have been ashamed of.This is a weird incident in which uber driver picked a drunken girl to drop her. On the way the strings of events lead to some uneasy affaire when the girl starts hitting upon the driver. What happened next keep reading..



This driver picks up the girl from outside the club. Once she settles in the car they start talking and she reveals that she’s drunk as she was with couple of friends and they had liquor together. The driver gets into the flow of conversation and says that she should go out on date with him some day. And then OMG the girl is all ready to go with him.

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