5 things you didn’t know about masturbation

There’s nothing like too much manual override:

People are often worried that if they masturbate too much, they will get so addicted to the sensations, that they will never be able to enjoy sex with another human being. But the truth is, there is absolutely no chance that is ever going to happen. No matter how good you get at getting yourself off, being touched by someone else is just always better than you doing all the work on your own. And it is always going to be better.

It is nothing to be ashamed about:

Society has always had a problem with masturbation. They have tried their best to instill the idea of it being a dirty, perverted thing that decent people never indulge in. Don’t believe us? Just take a stroll through the other side of the internet; they have devices specially made to ensure that teenagers don’t touch themselves in their sleep! One would think that things have changed by the 21st century, but unfortunately, masturbation and sexuality is still an extremely taboo concept. This, however, does not mean that you partaking in the act is in any way shameful, or something to be hide. Everybody masturbates, it’s a very natural part of being a human being, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

A lot of people can’t do it themselves:

Most people worry that if they can’t make themselves orgasm through masturbation, then that means they will never be able to experience an orgasm. Chill out. Go back and introspect for a second and try to figure out what is going wrong. Are you getting tensed right before climax? Are you constantly distracted? Solve your issues, and if you still don’t manage to climax, that’s cool too. Just because you can’t do it yourself doesn’t mean nobody else can help.

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