These Are The Dirtiest body Parts Of Human Form Which You Would Have Never Imagined

It’s an amazing world and more amazing is the human form that god has created. You may call it a machine or cluster of organs that work symmetrically and result in what we are now. Whatever it be this machine is precise, efficient, most complicated and has dirtiest body parts we could ever imagine.
Human form is a complex coordination of trillions of cells combined together into tissues and then body organs. But then when there are trillions of living cells joined together there must be biological waste emitted by each and every cell. Well we are talking about the dirtiest body parts of human anatomy that you can only read to know.

dirtiest body part


1. Mouth

Mouth has greatest amount of bacteria and is said to be the dirtiest part of the body. It is said that there are around 600 different types of bacteria which live in your mouth and make it dirtiest. It’s not our bad breath that makes it dirty, it’s the bacteria that rots the inner mouth and makes it worse.