These 17 Photos Will Prove Indian Roads Are Just Unpredictable

Let alone foreigners, Indian roads have such strange things to show off, that even we Indians sometimes get shocked! And this is exactly what we are going to bring you today. No matter how disciplined you are, you just cannot match up with the level of excitement we face while driving down Indian roads. And this is why we have brought you some of the really hilarious pictures that are found on these Indian roads. And rest assured there is no photoshop involved in these pictures.

1. Diversion

So this is how you make an Indian drive straight. Especially the young stuntmen we see on the roads with a bike. Well, that’s pretty innovative.


2. Blood donation

Now, you can take this as a precautionary measure for driving safe, but you just cannot deny that this is some really cool stuff.


3. Right Ya left?

This is what happens when you take the GPS on your phone too seriously. Or what do you think? Was this guy trying to pull off some stunts to impress the ladies?


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