These 10 Shocking Photos Will Force You To Think What The Hell Happened!

Well, yes the proverb says nothing is impossible in this world. But it does not say how the hell did the impossible thing happen? We bet you have been a part of different weird incidents from your childhood. But this article will take you to a whole new level. Have a look at these 10 shocking photos and decide for yourself.

1. The only possible explanation is an extreme thunderstorm

But still, that does not explain clearly how the car gets strangled right in the middle of the pole. From a little distance, the photo looks like a play model and someone has just put it on the pole.


2. Okay, we understand you don’t need this car anymore.

C’mon dude, that is not the way to use and throw away your car unless you are the son of a millionaire. And if you are, then you would need a bigger can to throw away your car like that.


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