These 10 Kids Are Just THE Genius Of This Generation

Well, we all are aware that kids of this generation are pretty cool and smart. At a very young age, they are experts in handling innumerable technological gadgets. Everyone knows that kids have a different level of curiosity. And, at the same time, when Indian people cannot get something they need directly, they opt for indirect ways. This is what we call Jugaad. Guess what? The Jugaad genes have been passed to the new generations. They are just awesome at Jugaad. And this article is going to prove it to you. These kids can create anything they need. As it goes by the saying, necessity is the mother of invention.

1. Stumps

Do you need them anymore? I don’t think so. I think you have got something better than stumps.


2. The 3rd umpire

To hell with the third umpire, you can get the live feed right here in case you have any doubt. This is just insane!


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