Soldier Found His Wife Sleeping With 6 Men, This Is What He Did For Revenge

Frizzmaster, is his name on Reddit

He is a veteran in the United States military. He worked hard as his duty called, serving his nation and mother land. Fell in love with a girl he called ThunderXunt (Replace x with c) in his notes. He met her through a mutual friend, their bonds seem to nurture a close relation. He believed it was love in between them. But the soldier didn’t expect what his wife would do before divorce.


He believed it was love.

So he felt it too, it was love between them. While he spent his time with her, they would play video games together, it was strong. She knew he will have to go to war. But they wanted to spend every moment they had. Soon the war calls him off, duty calls him to battle field. They wish they could turn their relation into a forever bond – they wanted to marry. Marriage would keep them from eternal separation (bad decision), is what the poor veteran believed. But it was the first step and he never would have imagined their marriage would end with a divorce and it was near.



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