Snapchat Duplication war with Instagram, What you need to know!!

After watching this attack into racially insensitive territory once again last week, Katie Zhu decided she’d had enough. The San Francisco–based Medium engineer picked up her phone, deleted the app, and penned a Medium post encouraging others to leave as well. The post’s title: “I’m Deleting Snapchat, and you should too”


The screw-up that inspired Zhu to abandon Snapchat — a face-morphing filter resembling yellowface, an offensive Asian caricature — would until recently exist largely as a public relations problem. Social companies anger their users all the time, but the ire rarely translates into defection, since it’s hard to find the exact same features and network elsewhere (see Facebook). But this time, it was different.

“Instagram now has a clone,” Zhu wrote. “So I’ll still be able to take mundane pictures of my day to day life.”

Zhu isn’t the only one noting the platforms’ interchangeability, and making a choice between them.

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