Planning a Career in Web Designing? Here are some tips to get started

Most people who study Web Developing, Designing, Graphic Designing, SEO or SEM often end up confused about how to proceed in terms of a Career. A lot of them end up working for small firms or Multi National Companies without weighing the potential that Freelancing can offer them. In the end, you might end up wishing that you did something on your own instead of actually doing it.

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Through this article let me explain how you can set up a career in Freelance Web Designing, but before that let me share some facts.

Freelance Career India is rapidly getting online and expanding at an amazing rate. There are already over a 100 million internet users in India, and this is barely 11 % of our population. We have over 8 million Small and Medium sized Enterprises currently operating in India, but astonishingly around 5 % of them are online!

That’s approximately 76,00,000 clients waiting for YOU to approach them.

In fact, Google set up a Website, indiagetonline, solely to help SMEs get their business online, but there’s only so much that one can expect from the limited customization features that this service offers.

With all these opportunities out there, you don’t have to be restricted to working for some company. You have the option to be your own BOSS. So let me tell you how you can set up a lucrative business yourself –

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