11 Dumb Photoshop Fails That’ll Put Meena Boy To Shame

If it comes to editing an image there is nothing that Photoshop cannot do! Can make anyone look shorter, taller, fairer, darker, fat, slim and even putting toned muscles and abs on them. The list is never-ending. But there are surely some Photoshop fails that will literally make your inner soul cringe and say “WTF!!”. We Indians have some great pieces which are like gems of Photoshop fail.

Take a deep breath. Here come a few photos. Check these out –

1. BFF of superman

Even superman will feel ashamed seeing himself beside this person and not only this; he also says that he did lend his clothes to superman! The extra ordinary grammar in this photo is just like the cherry on the cake. R.I.P grammar.


2. This man is still not happy!

Katrina herself joined him in this photo but this ‘sardarji’ is still not happy! If this does not make him happy we have no idea what on earth can put a smile on his grumpy face – a Photoshop may be. LOL.


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