14 People Who Did Whacky Things At McDonalds

McDonald’s has been pretty famous for its food at an affordable price. Apart from sharing great happy moments you can also find some crazy things that happening there that will make you go from LOL to WTF!

Check these out –

1. She was too desperate to do it

This girl is just so much excited about this clown buddy but he is just into her. Looking away and thinking ‘’ what is wrong with this dumb lady?’’. This is the price you pay for stupidity.


2. “I’m back to kill you”

This chicken seems to be pissed off and back with a bang to haunt the humans for all their evil deeds of killing her innocent kids.


3. May be he is just trying to be himself

This may look awkward to others especially to the one sitting and staring at him but he is just trying to be himself.

We all have animal spirits within us he just took it to a different level.


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