She Never Expected She Will Do This After Pregnancy. But Then..

Most of the women face difficulties in getting back their fit body shape after pregnancy. But “Kelsey Wells” proved everyone wrong. It takes dedication, patience and lots of hard work to achieve postpartum body weight and shape. Usually the only exercises women are found doing is taking a stroll with baby in the buggy. Here’s how..

Do you also look yourself at the mirror and think about those celeb moms after pregnancy photos looking like perfect shaped models in least amount of time ? Well ladies, here is the secret Kelsey Wells shares, who is a caring mother, a lovely wife, an interior designer and a fitness freak.

This Is Kelsey Wills Before Pregnancy


This Is Her After Pregnancy

Kelsey thought these big pant sizes are going to stick to her forever. The thought of fitting again into those jeans was out of her reach. She had gained over 55 lbs not performing any exercises or much movement taking in heavy calories (cravings).

Looking at Katie Homes and Heidi Klum, the super fast recovery after pregnancy leaves the fans in an impression that these celebs just jump to the treadmill right after postpartum. But Kelsey Wells shares her experience and it is not true at all !

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