Meet the Man Behind ‘Bigg Boss’ Voice!

Bigg Boss’s voice! The most loved  show on Tv Bigg Boss is back  time with  a bang this year too. With it’s contestants varying from time to time, their cat fights, the love affairs, the tasks, everything gets us glued to our TV sets, but the most influential part of the show is voice of Bigg Boss! The voice itself has it’s own persona.

His word is the final thing, his intervention might send any Bigg Boss inmate to jail or even out of the house. One may be curious to know, who is the man behind this prominant voice? In this post, we will introduce you to Atul Kapoor, the man who is behind the voice of Bigg Boss! He is a voice artist by profession, who even make announcement at odd hours of night, keeping an eye on contestants 24 x 7.


1. Atul started his career in 2003 with a show on Sony TV
Atul Kapoor, Bigg Boss' voice

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