These Magical Fairness Treatments Will Ensure You Achieve Your Goal Of Becoming Fair

India is a country where matrimonial ads start with “Wanted, A fair and slim lady”. Not about educational qualification but the color of skin. It begins with Pregnancy when every other person recommends home remedies to the would be mother to have a fair child. What can we do if we are not fair naturally? We have amazing fairness techniques that will blow your mind.

vampire-facial fair skin


Once the kid is born, and then starts external application therapy which includes sun cream and fairness products. A mother does it for her kids and kids once they grow up keep doing everything to become fairer. This includes the men as well. Another truth is fair skinned women are paid more for surrogacy and that too $1000 extra to be surrogates. So how do we become fairer if we are not born fair? Here are some full proof methods by people who used these techniques for look fair.

vampire-skin-treatment, for fair skin


Bollywood is no different. Bipasha Basu’s dusky skin is made to look fairer many shades in her photo shoots and movies. That is done with help of photo editing or makeup. When we talk about Kajol, her recent pictures and movie made us realize that she has undergone some skin surgery for skin lightning. But anyhow there is no proof. But here we will talk on treatments that can drastically change your look and turn you whiter than ever.



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