She Took Incredible Doses of Male Hormones, This Is How She Looks Now!

She is 111 kg in weight, stands tall at 6.2 feet of height. She is by far the best MMA fighter Brazil has every known. Overthrowing most MMA male fighters around the world. Looking at her physical body most of us will assume she took a great deal of male hormones or high testosterone. She has those huge arms and physical build men want to achieve after years of working out in gym. But is it true she gained this fitness without doses of male hormones ? Lets find out..

Meet Gabrielle Lemos Garcia

Or Gabi Garcia in short, she is 29 years of age from Porto Alegre, Brazil. She is a BJJ or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion and Grappling world champion. Boxing and Muay Thai are other sports she practices.

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9 Times World Champion in BJJ

Gabi Garcia is a 9 times world champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. Gabi is fast, strong and a big girl. Most of her opponents are scared when she takes her stance. Her body physique is the result of her extreme love for MMA. Gabi was once a woman with too much weight on her body. Her extreme workout made her lose all the excess fat and built her this great body.

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