This Is What Happens When You Place Your Phone

Almost everyone is clung to their smartphones in today’s time. Generally , People find it hard to resist its temptation. And why not ? Almost anything is possible with a mobile using today’s technology. There’s no denying the fact that smartphones have so many advantages. Whether it’s about entertaining yourself , lodging a complaint , checking social media or the endless quantity of apps to live through. So what’s the problem ? People usually keep these smartphones in pockets or girls usually, tuck their phones in bras thinking of it as some cool trend. As harmless as it sounds ,the outcome of this small placement procedure is very horrifying.

Just a small thing like placing your smartphones near to your body whether it is the pocket or a bra , may prove fatal to you .

Read more to find out !


Girls usually place their smartphones in their bra. Sometimes due to lack of pockets in women’s  lothing or sometimes simply as a fashion trend. Both ways these devices come very close in contact to the body. Carrying your cell phone in your bra is a bad idea.

These mobile phones emit micro & radio waves that should not be kept directly on the body. The way people are keeping their phones today could increase their risk of developing breast cancer and other diseases tomorrow.


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