These 9 Washroom Habits Of Bollywood Stars Will Surprise You

Some of them are really gross

Yes, we understand a lot of people have different issues. A lot of them have weird washroom habits. Some call it fascination while others like to call it as an obsession. Whatever it may be, one thing you can rest assured, healthy washroom habit is always good. Some celebs can be quite nitpicking about their certain preferences. In this article, we are going to bring you 9 washroom habits of Bollywood celebs which you had no idea before. Have a look!

1. Bipasha Basu

washroom habits

Bipasha Basu just loves to take a distressing message on her washroom. Well, this is one of the weirdest washroom habits I have ever heard of. But it’s true; she loves to take bathroom massages just before her shower. Not a great place to take a message, what do you say?

2. Amisha Patel

washroom habits

Amisha Patel has got one weird washroom habit. She will always check the bathroom at the shooting spots. If she doesn’t like the washroom then she asks the director to make it according to her choice. If they can’t arrange it, then she will pack the shooting for the day.

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