10 Bollywood Beauties With Most Embarassing Stretch Marks

Well, we just love to look at our bollywood superstars in the pitch perfect way they are. Especially the bollywood beauties! These pretty ladies have got the best bodies in the world. Starting from their hairs to the toe, they have got the perfect physique. But sometimes we tend to forget that they are human beings. And this is why they are also face aging issues. Now, the stretch marks are not always aging signs. They are sometimes caused due to extreme use of cosmetics on our body. Even though you follow a healthy diet, you are never sure when you will see stretch marks in your body. And this article proves, you just cannot stop stretch marks, whether you are a normal housewife or a famous Bollywood actress.

1. Malaika Arora Khan

She is one of the most gorgeous ladies in Bollywood. And you just cannot ignore her sleek and sexy physique. But that being said, this picture reveals the stretch marks that she got after her pregnancy. But the way she maintained her body, we didn’t expect to see such marks.


2. Sameera Reddy

When she came into Bollywood, she was already an established star in South Indian movie industry. This super sexy bolly babe has got a great body. But if you look closely at her arm, you can see the stretch marks easily.


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