9 Insane Plastic Surgeries Procedures You Won’t Believe They Exist

For those who aren’t happy or excited about their natural body parts, here are some weird surgical procedures that surgeons use to remove bones, cornea and nails.

1. Leg Lengthening Surgery

If you suffer vertical imbalance in the length of your legs, here is the right surgery for you. Leg lengthening is a painful, really painful procedure where bones are crushed or broken followed by insertion of metal rods in the legs. New tissues form around and height can be increased upto 3 inches. Or you might wanna stick to your heels !

2. Eyelash Implants

Some people lose eyelashes due to different genetic factors. Good news for them, eyelash implants are here. These eyelash will continue grow forever and you will have to trim them every couple of days. These are actually scalp hair which are transplanted carefully so that the hair grow in the right direction.

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