These Weird Photos Will Make You Look At Them Twice To Actually Know What They Are Actually Depicting

Some say this can be self-obsession and other say it’s a healthy way to show your confidence. about thirty five million ‘selfies’ are generating each month. Instagram and facebook are the foremost common place to upload your pictures. The craze of uploading image has been raised once the smart phones came into existence. Powerful camera with highest quality pictures makes our presence prettier. As we all aren’t an expert photographer and sometimes our clicked pic may be a mess. Like someone has click any image to represent our mood but forget to look at his background whose is making a giant problem to it. Next to this we are sharing some weird photos which will tell you that you just mustn’t do while clicking any snap.

1.This simply adorable and harmless picture has destroyed the image of the lady in grey. How? Please look again at the placement of black dress woman’s hand. is she the friend or foe?