10 Shocking Things Found In People’s Stomach Who Suffered Pain


Margaret Daalman, citizen of Netherlands was suffering from severe pain in the abdomen. Doctors asked for an X-Ray and everyone in the Rotterdam hospital was shocked to see the results. They found 78 different items of cutlery including spoons and forks. 51 year old woman had to undergo a long surgery where surgeons removed each item one by one. There was no knife found, she could not explain why she didn’t swallow knives.



10 Pound Hairball

An 18 year old woman in New England, USA rushed to hospital when her abdomen pain grew unbearable. She was suffering from the condition since 5 months. Doctors found a huge mass in her stomach which they confirmed was a giant ball of hair using cameras. The patient reported she suffered from a medical condition called Trichophagia, habit of eating your own body hair. Lots of small incisions were performed to remove the ball mass, but it did not help. After a huge surgery the hair mass was removed from her stomach.


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