10 Double Meaning Pictures That Resulted In Human Brain Failure

Human beings are the result of genetic level dysfunction and birth defect with an ability to pass on their mutation. You really thought we just evolved from the apes ? While human brain is one of the most complex jelly like structure ever formed, there are always people who have manage to destroy it doing insane things. Here are 12 such pictures showing how people find double meanings in innocent objects resulting in average brain failure.

1. Could you imagine Scooby Doo having fun time ?

The mystery solving hero of our childhood. As we were discussing, this is one of the picture that can cause severe brain damage. One could never expect anything as such with Scooby Dog but again, why not ? He’s a dog, and dogs can have fun 😉


2. This will not motivate you for sauna again.

Match the following. Please post your posterior over the allotted space. It is not recommended to apply any cream or ointments before sauna. It covers the pores in your skin preventing the skin from breathing. But just imagine if this guy did it anyway..


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