10 Common Mistakes Women Make With Their Undergarments Daily

Most of the women are using undergarments, because they have to use the undergarments. Point is, it is a part of their daily life, its a habit. Not much importance been given to the fact that the right undergarments and practices can help you live a healthier life. The right fabric and how you use it, can make you stand out among your peers. It saves you from embarrassing situations, gives you confidence in social life. Here are 10 common mistakes women usually make with their undergarments choice and usage.

1. Not wearing the right size.

Selecting the right size for yourself can be game changing. No matter what size you have, the size of the bra has to be right. Wrong sizes come with great health problems. A big bra size will give you sagging breasts. A small size bra will be too tight and gives back pain. Tight fitting bras can lead to pain in the pair of your breasts as well.

common mistakes

2. Wrong positioning of your undergarments

Experts say there are 70-80% women who wear undergarments with incorrect positioning. This is due to the fact that our outfits are more important. Outfits should be properly fitting and the undergarments will adjust by themselves. Hooking up bra in the middle is very important. If not done properly, one of them will bounce and damage soft ligaments.


common mistakes